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SIO is a company that has been involved in R&D and producing optoelectronic components for over 20 years. SIO's products are highly regarded in the market for their use in smart power grid applications, metal smelting, chemistry processes, and scientific research.
With a production capacity of up to 1,000 FS systems per year, SIO has become one of the largest teams in the world for the research and production of Fiber Optic Current Sensors. Its team has more than 50 members, out of which more than 20 are dedicated to the R&D of FS systems.
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    Independent research and development, batch production, miniaturization, easy integration, portable quality assurance

    Ingenuity and hard work on the excellent brand of the industry


    Focus on quality, win, seek truth, innovate and strive for excellence

    • Production and sales of
      the whole industry chain
    • Strict quality
      management system
    • Strong technological research
      and development capability
    • Rich experience in
      engineering application
    • Standard professional
      after-sales service
    • Specializing in photoelectric sensor research and development, production, sales and engineering of the whole industry chain services, with innovative product lines, from the core components to optoelectronic modules, and then to the complete product chain of sensor products

    • ISO9001 quality management system certification, effective control of the whole process to ensure that the design, manufacturing, installation and service stages meet the prescribed quality requirements

    • More than 20 years of experience in the industry, with a professional elite team, with high-quality R & D and patented technology innovation, to provide customers with safe, reliable, customizable quality products

    • It has a wealth of engineering application cases, which have been successfully applied to UHVDC transmission, flexible DC transmission, offshore wind power, DC distribution network, electrolytic smelting, controllable nuclear fusion and other projects.

    • Professional service system to create effective product guarantee, always adhere to active after-sales maintenance, rapid service response, timely solve customer problems

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    Provide one-stop solutions according to different areas

  • Energy and electricity

  • Non-ferrous metal smelting

  • Metrological scientific research

  • Special field

  • Special current (pulse,
    high frequency current)

  • High current (10kA~1000kA)

  • Medium current (100A~10kA)

  • Small current (1mA~1A)

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    Use your strength to make your choice at ease.

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    • LiNbO3相位调制器性能检测系统

      LiNbO3相位调制器性能检测系统Patent number:ZL 2017 2 0174990.X

    • SLD光源测试系统

      SLD光源测试系统Patent number:ZL 2017 2 0171497.2

    • 光纤敏感环性能检测系统

      光纤敏感环性能检测系统Patent number:ZL 2017 2 0180794.3

    • 保偏光纤延时环测试系统

      保偏光纤延时环测试系统Patent number:ZL 2017 2 0171588.6

    Engineering case


    Live up to every trust and choose with quality feedback.

  • High Magnetic Pulse Current Test

    High Magnetic Pulse Cu

  • Controlled Fusion Engineering

    Controlled Fusion Engi

  • Power Grid Project

    Power Grid Project

  • Electrolytic Aluminum Engineering

    Electrolytic Aluminum

  • Electrolytic Aluminum Test

    Electrolytic Aluminum

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    Strict quality control, layer by layer control, Seiko manufacturing

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